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The Vinum range contains two surprising wines: a value-for-money Cabernet and a premium Chenin Blanc. Why group the king of reds with the so-called ugly duckling of whites? Because both of these wines buck the trends.

The cost-conscious king of reds

In Stellenbosch, Cabernet is traditionally considered the ultimate in luxury wine. But just because it’s a luxury wine, that doesn’t mean it can’t offer good value. Which is why we decided to create an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, at a particularly reasonable price. This went against the habitual hiking of prices in Stellenbosch, especially since the rich and famous started snapping up properties in the area and churning out so-called “Icon” (read “Ego”) wines.

Our goal? To produce one of the Apellation’s consistently great Cabs, but then to sell it at a price below its potential value. And the gamble paid off; our Vinum Cab gets dependably good press both at home and abroad, while a growing crowd of customers buy it from us every year. Long live the king!

The anything-but-ugly duckling of whites

Chenin Blanc has been overlooked and underappreciated for so many years in the Cape. But you know what they say about the ugly duckling…

This variety’s transformation began in the late 1990s, when a handful of like-minded producers started creating high-quality Chenin Blanc, especially on the ocean-facing vineyards of Stellenbosch. We were among those producers, and we made our Vinum Chenin almost entirely from old bush vines – a totally contradictory and unorthodox approach, but a dynamic one we believe in. Chenin is the most versatile of all grapes in the land, with an innate ability to adapt not only to its habitat, but also to all kinds of styles. No wonder it suits a mindboggling variety of cuisines and occasions.

Chenin is still totally underrated, which isn’t just a travesty; it’s a wonderful opportunity. We think this variety is the greatest white grape in the Cape, and sooner or later everyone will catch on. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the head start!

Harvest Team enjoying a glass of Vinum Africa Chenin Blanc on the last day of harvest

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